Saturday, April 18, 2015

David Wiesner Keynote: Inspiration Is For Amateurs

David Wiesner, author & illustrator, has been awarded the Caldecott Medal three time for Tuesday, The Three Pigs, and Flotsam

David Weisner used his Caldecott Medal winning picture book Art & Max to walk us through his process of discovering character and story, from play and experimentation in the studio through the 3-D modeling he taught in Friday’s all day Intensive.

His practice of showing up in the studio every day, asking questions of the work and being open to change is central to the development of his books and led him to creating Spot, his new, many-layered story app.  

Check out the trailer for David Wiesner's app SPOT, and buy it in the app store. 

“Wallow in your process because it will never let you down.”

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