Sunday, April 19, 2015

Crystal Kite Keynote: Nina Laden

Crystal Kite winner for Once Upon a Memory, author and illustrator Nina Laden’s career has been long and full. Inextricably bound up with love and family, luck and loss her inspiration comes from journaling, working in her studio and nature. The text for Once Upon a Memory began with a feather found on the beach. Persistence, experimentation, partnership, community, darkness and light carry her work forward. Her wisdom for us: Let go. What matters most is love.

“If life is like a merry go round, it’s boring: round and round and round. But my life has been a roller coaster: up, up, up and down, down, down.”

On working with other illustrators:
“This has been a very strange trip...”

Thank you, Nina, for your books and inspiration. 


Rachel Hamby said...

Nina was beyond awesome!

Nina Laden said...

Oh, thank you, Rachel!