Friday, November 2, 2012

Professional Series Preview: Lisa Owens and Ben Clanton

Next up, next Thursday, November 8!

Developing your voice is a central part of your journey as a writer. Every writer possesses an authentic voice, but finding that voice and using it in your writing can be difficult. In an interactive session, LISA L. OWENS will engage us in hands-on exercises that will lead us to identify our story telling voice and locate the point in our lives where that voice first emerged. Whether you are a beginning writer or have a long writing practice, Lisa’s approach will help in thinking about what genres are best suited to your voice and how to bring your authentic voice to your writing. Lisa L. Owens has written middle-grade fiction, nonfiction chapter books and adaptations for graphic novels, as well as editorial work for the adult market. 

That same evening, illustrator Ben Clanton, author of the award-winning picture book, Vote For Me, will lead a hands-on session on creating picture books that beg to be re-read. This evening will be big fun, just one of the juicy evenings that make up the SCBWI-WWA Professional Series. 

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