Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Don't care about your rights?

Really? There aren't more of you PAL-level SCBWI members with questions like these?
  • How can I get my rights back to an out-of-print book so I can make an e-book of it myself? 
  • What if it's still in print but the publisher isn't making an ebook from it?
  • What's the current thinking on standard e-book royalty rates?
  • What's the Random Penguin merger likely to mean for boilerplate contract provisions?
  • What should authors think about the court's rejection of the Google case settlement?
These and more can be addressed at our PAL Think Tank with attorney Matt Hooper on Nov. 17... but only if you come! See this post for details.

And if you're not a PAL member but are interested, stay tuned... there might be room for you, too.

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