Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday morning catch-up!

Welcome to this, the Monday edition, of what I call "Playing Catch-Up"! Now that the turkeys have been reduced to stock and the pie pans contain nothing but crumbs, 'tis the time for me to catch up on some of your news.

Apologies to the stalwart crew who made it to the Kid Lit Drink Night on Bainbridge Island a couple of weeks ago! Here's the long-awaited recap of what went down on The Island, courtesy of Jennifer Mann:

Seven intrepid SCBWI-ers traveled from far and wide on a very dark and rainy Friday night recently to join up on at Casa Rojas Cantina on Bainbridge Island for Kid Lit Drink Night November 16. Kevan Attebury came all the way over from the Eastside (but departed before our photo shoot); Christina Wilsdon joined us from Seattle; Rowena Russell traveled from Bremerton; and Andrea Lawson came down in the dark from Port Townsend. Margaret Nevinski, Dawn Simon and Jennifer Mann made the relatively short journey from other dark and rainy neighborhoods on the island. Although we competed for the Noisiest Group Award with a large and lively crowd imbibing at the Cantina before seeing Breaking Dawn at the theater next door, we did manage to silence the room when we loudly brainstormed brilliant and unexpected markets for Kevan’s Monster-a-Day project. We also solved some vexing Photoshop problems, discussed the current state of publishing and generally toasted the wonder and joy that is children’s books. It was a great night to venture out into the rain! Next time maybe we’ll aim for a sunny summer evening, and a spot on the deck of the Harbour Pub.


Check this out! Lois V. Harris was interviewed on Stacy Thies’ blog.

Karen Robbins will be signing Care For Our World and children will be doing an art drawing from her Shoe Print Art book at Market Street Shoes (2232 NW Market St #101, Ballard) on Tuesday, November 27 at 7pm. This is a combined book event with Secret Garden Books and Market Street Shoes. Please bring a slightly used pair of shoes to place in the collection box for Soles 4 Souls.  


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