Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chinook Update event deadlines

Hear ye, hear ye!

For those of you––and there luckily have been many!––who have upcoming or imminent book events (release, signing, appearances, panels, etc.), there is going to be more reason to the rhyme of how we announce and post this on the Chinook Update.

So, without further ado:

- If you are a SCBWI-WWA member and have a book event, lecture, appearance, signing that is NOT a release, please submit your information (who/what/when/where/contact info) TWO WEEKS before the beginning of the month it is slated to happen. That way I can make sure it is part of a consolidated news post for the month or the given week it is slated to happen.

- If you are a SCBWI-WWA member who has a book release/new publication, please follow the same timeline, TWO WEEKS prior to the month it happens. Your release will appear a separate blog post to celebrate your efforts and let you have your moment in the spotlight. Huzzah!

Thanks for your patience as I start to implement some structural and content-related aspects to posting for the Chinook. I'm here to serve you all, and to make sure you have a place to relay news and to support your efforts.

Happy Autumn,


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