Sunday, October 21, 2012

Great Critique: Monday, January 7, 2013

As in past years, the annual Great Critique will occur in place of our January Professional Series Meeting. However, in order to reserve the maximum about of space at SPU, The Great Critique will be on Monday, January 7, 2013 rather than on that Thursday.

The Great Critique gives authors and illustrators the opportunity to experience a model critique group led by a published professional. Participants will receive feedback from the group leader as well as from a small group of their peers. This event offers writers and illustrators a chance to experience how critiques can help strengthen their work, and offers those who already participate in a critique group feedback from a fresh set of eyes and ears.

Participants will bring a maximum of 5 double spaced pages (or 1200 words) OR a dummy/illustration sample. Attendees must register in advance, so please watch for registration information the end of November. The number of spaces is limited, and the event fills up fast. Since this is part of our Professional Series, priority is given first to Professional Series Meeting passport holders, then to SCBWI International members, then to others. Please carefully consider whether you would like to take advantage of this opportunity — if you sign up, we expect you to show up — and be aware that registration fills fast.

This year's stellar lineup of critique group leaders include: Holly Cupala, Ann Gonzalez, Janet Lee Carey, Helen Landalf, Kevin Emerson, Trudi Trueit, David Patneaude, Liz Mills, Peggy King Anderson, Meg Lippert, Tom Brenner, Donna Bergman, Deborah Reber, Richard Jesse Watson, Julie Paschkis, Wendy Wahman, Karen Lee Schmidt, and Craig Orback.

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