Monday, February 27, 2012

Help Bruce Hale with his Keynote!

Bruce Hale would like to customize his keynote speech at our upcoming annual conference (isn't he a peach?), and he needs your help. If you're planning to attend the conference and you have a few minutes, we'd appreciate it if you could shoot Bruce an email with a couple of quick responses to the questions below:

What do you feel is the major roadblock keeping you from being published (if you're unpublished) or reaching wider success (if published)?

What burning question (aside from "Will you publish my book/introduce me to your agent?") would you most like answered at the conference?

If it's different from the previous two answers, what is your biggest concern in your writing life today?

Please reply to Bruce Hale at <>.

Thanks! And have you noticed that we have less than thirty seats left to this shindig?! If you've been procrastinating about registering... it's time to get it done! Details here.

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