Monday, February 13, 2012

Good News for Trudi Trueit

Good News and a big round of applause for Trudi Trueit! Ruckus Media Group and Scholastic, which teamed up in September of 2011 to launch a new children's transmedia imprint, has optioned the rights to sell her Julep O'Toole series in e-book! The digital books will be part of Ruckus' 2012 spring list, and includes all three books in the series: CONFESSIONS OF A MIDDLE CHILD, MISS INDEPENDENT, and WHAT I REALLY WANT TO DO IS DIRECT. Trudi is over the moon about this opportunity. So be sure to look for Julep O'Toole for your e-reader coming soon! Wonder if she'll become an animated app?

Here's the link to the Ruckus site. Congrats to Trudi! For more information on Trudi, and her work, you can visit her website.

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