Saturday, February 25, 2012

Find a Trusted Reader for Your Middle-Grade Novel

Writing the middle-grade novel means writing in that fine line between the mind of a child and the uncharted territory of an adolescent. At the Whole Novel Workshop, we offer trusted readers on our faculty who are also published authors and editors working on fiction targeted for middle school children. If you have a manuscript that you think deserves a trusted reader, join Tami Lewis Brown , Sarah Aronson , Melanie Kroupa, Kent Brown -- and our own Joni Sensel -- in July for the Whole Novel Workshop for Middle Grade Fiction. One of the faculty will read and critique your novel to tell you what's working and what needs work. Then, we'll spend a week writing, talking, and working together to make your story better. After it's all done, we'll send you home with a plan to keep the good work flowing.

For more information about the Whole Novel Workshop, which takes place near Honesdale, PA, contact Jo Lloyd at 570-253-1192, or email Jo at or visit their website.

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