Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Long, Vampires! Kevin Emerson Book Launch @ Secret Garden

Let’s celebrate Kevin’s new book, THE TRIAD OF FINITY, and bury the vampire genre in this part-party, part-ceremony on Saturday, June 11 at 4 p.m.

In 2008-2009, Seattle children’s author Kevin Emerson released 5 books in his OLIVER NOCTURNE series. The books sold tens of thousands of copies, were published in 5 languages, and garnered Kevin near daily correspondence from excited fans around the world.
His publisher, Scholastic, agreed that he didn’t need to end the series with book 5, and could leave the ending open for more books, but two years later, Kevin’s enthusiasm to finish off the series with one more book ran into a brick wall made of befuddling numbers at Scholastic (not to mention an editor change).

What should the author of a moderately successful and unfinished series do? Kevin’s own desire to finish what he’d started, and the calls from fans led him to into the much-hyped but nearly-as-often derided world of self-publishing. With the help of his author friends in town, Kevin produced a final novel - written, designed and printed entirely in Seattle, the place he and his supernatural universe call home. The result is the 6th and final Oliver book, THE TRIAD OF FINITY.

And the timing couldn’t be better, or later, in terms of getting out of the vampire genre. Widely considered to be the *last* craze, and currently being replaced by dystopian and steampunk novels, vampires are on their way out. Our event here, then, is also a requiem for the vampire genre. The event, called, “So Long, Vampires!” will be part book party and part ceremony, as a handful of Seattle’s best teen authors read eulogies and odes to the broody creatures they loved (or loathed, or endured) for the past five years, (ending in a group chant that will attempt to stop the much-talked-about Buffy reboot).

Kevin is available to discuss the murky path through sales numbers and self-publishing, the glowing fan letters paired with crushing Scholastic emails, and the (so far) positive and freeing journey of making your own book. (His his next 4 books will be published by HarperCollins). For more information about this free event visit Secret Garden's website. For more information on Kevin, and his work, visit his website.

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