Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good News for Mindy Hardwick

Not one but TWO big HIP HIP HOORAYS for Mindy Hardwick!! Mindy loves exploring the complexities of the unreliable narrator, and has just sold her young adult romance novel, WEAVING MAGIC, to Muse-It-Up Publishing. (Canadian). Publication date, April 2012. While working on this story, Mindy learned a lot about characters who can't quite tell the truth which resulted in an article, UNRELIABLE NARRATORS, published in the Summer SCBWI Bulletin.

And, Mindy's flash fiction piece, JAILBIRDS, is published on Sarah LaPolla's blog, Glass Cases. Jailbirds also includes an unreliable character which gives the story an unexpected twist at the end! Here's the link to check out!

For more information on Mindy, and her work, check out her website! Congratulations Mindy!

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