Monday, May 16, 2011

Need a New Journal?

A very fun bit of information from fellow SCBWI WWA member Caitlin Sullivan:
This site will be the death of me. Not only does BookJournals sell blank books recycled from old textbooks, which alone would have hooked me, but there is a Little Golden Books section. Meaning, blank books with the original covers of Pokey Little Puppy, Li’l Toot, Go, Dog, Go… I’ll stop.

Best of all, scattered throughout each blank book are a few pages from the original story. Taking notes at various conferences, I have been the envy of all. But more importantly, when I get stuck I can just read for inspiration:

A dog party!
A big dog party!
What a dog party!
Do you like my hat?
I do not like it.
Good-by again.

I bought six on the spot. Have fun!
Thanks Caitlin (now I have to go buy some new journals too!).


Karen S. said...

Oy... There goes the budget... But thanks for the post, I am headed there now to see if they have my favorite, Mr. Dog!

Sarah Romano Diehl said...

This is so cool!