Thursday, May 6, 2010

Help Tennessee flood victims

This comes from Tracy Barrett, the RAE from the SCBWI Midsouth chapter: 

Most of you have heard, I'm sure, about the horrendous rains and flooding in Nashville and surrounding areas. As far as I know, all Midsouth members are accounted for. Cheryl's home was four houses away from the evacuation zone! Several of my friends have lost everything, and one had to be rescued from a second-floor window in a canoe.

Many people didn't have flood insurance because they don't live in a flood plain. This flooding is truly an unheard-of event, so this doesn't mean they were careless or lax. Two of the Midsouth's enterprising members, Amanda Morgan and Myra McEntire, have put together a relief effort called "Do the Write Thing for Nashville" where they will auction off all sorts of writing-related goodies, including critiques by agents and editors. I don't know who these agents and editors are, but Amanda reports that the site has had a great response. There will also be signed books and other goodies.

Please alert your readers to this site and to their Facebook page, as there will be some great services to bid on. It would be great if you or your members wanted to make a donation of a book or a critique too, of course!

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