Thursday, May 13, 2010

New book for Anjali Banerjee

Anjali Banerjee's new middle grade novel, SEAGLASS SUMMER, is available today from Wendy Lamb Books/Random House! In SEAGLASS SUMMER, 11-year-old Poppy Ray, an aspiring veterinarian, spends the summer with her Indian uncle at his animal clinic on a Pacific Northwest island.

Here's the description:

Poppy is in for big surprises. She loves tending to the dogs, cats, and even a bird, and she discovers the fun of newborn puppies and the satisfaction of doing a good job. But she learns that there's more to caring for animals than the stethoscope and cotton swabs in her Deluxe Veterinarian First-Aid Kit. She's not prepared for quirky pet owners, gross stuff, or scary emergencies. With help from a boy named Hawk, a chunk of seaglass, and a touch of intuition, Poppy gains a deeper understanding of the pain and joy of working with animals.

Congratulations, Anjali!

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Anjali said...

Thank you for posting this! I hope you all can come to my book launch June 12, 3pm at Naturally 4 Paws in Silverdale, WA.