Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blast Off: a class for illustrators

Hey, illustrators!

If you remember waaay back to the Illustrator Panel at our conference in April, Jaime Temairik mentioned taking an online class from Alyson B. Stanfield called Blast Off (it has nothing to do with pants.)

The class is starting up again on May 19th ($97 for May 19 - June 11) and you receive daily (weekday) pdfs and mp3s for the class. These are do-at-home exercises, you don't have to dial in or read anything at a certain time each day or in any time zone.

More information can be found at Alyson's website. This class is a terrific blend of motivation, coaching, and practical business tools you can use to take your art career to a new level.

You'll be working on the following.
  • Commit to accepting responsibility for your life
  • Capture your Vision and plan to enact it
  • Monthly financial worksheet (getting a grip on your financial situation)
  • 2010 Plan for continuing education and handling your information overload
  • Identify tasks you can hire out (or let go of)
  • Complete a challenging (but workable) plan for the entire year

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