Monday, July 27, 2009

Query lessons from Barry Goldblatt

Swiped from the Twitter feed of @barrygoldblatt, who reps some of the biggest names in our business:

Query Lessons: 208,000 words??? You're completely out of your mind. And I think that's a record. from web

Query Lessons: If the first line of your letter says you can't find any good books for teens, then you're wasting my time...and yours. from web

I hereby acknowledge that I have stolen @elanaroth's idea of twittering query reactions, but not her thunder. from web

Query Lessons: If you say you've reviewed my website, then why have you sent me a cookbook, a screenplay, or an adult celeb tell-all? from web

Query Lessons: "Word-jockey" Is an idiotic euphemism for "writer." from web

So, if I am to judge from queries, many people think genies are the next vampire/werewolves/zombies. Sigh, I give up. from web


John Lucas Hargis said...

No one has commented yet?
Heck, I sure will.

I am in the throes of querying agents. Goldblatt is on my (very short) all-star list!

1) I beleive my mss is a great fit for what he's looking for &
2) Out of all the online research on agents, he is one of the few that has allowed his personality to actually come through via tweets, interviews etc.

I'm waiting for that phone call...

John Lucas Hargis said...

Just got the rejection letter. Oh well. ;)

Rochelle E. Pigman said...

Don't feel too bad. I just sent Barry Glodblatt Literary one of my picture books yesterday. I should have read this first. Why? The title is "The Genie Pig". Sigh, but I'm not giving up.