Friday, July 17, 2009

Get This: It's anti-plagiarism day

How Publishing Really Works has a roundup today of famous cases of plagiarism. It makes for fascinating reading--especially the parts that point out how we're most likely to be victims of other writers. Gulp!

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Joni said...

This is a great topic and the linked blog includes enough informative and entertaining links for me to waste time all day; I remember some of the cases but didn't know about others. It would be an interesting topic to discuss from the standpoint of voice, I think (especially with the Edwards case as an example -- I understand neither why she included her plagerized bits at all, nor what on earth made her think they flowed with the rest of her text and voice. (And holy hannah, where was her editor? Did the thing even get copyedited? My copyeditors must be a lot more proactive than hers!)