Friday, September 28, 2018

The Creative Salon comes to Facebook

Join the SCBWI WWA Facebook group, if you're not already a member, and you can take part in an online edition of the Creative Salon. A new prompt will be posted every Friday, so you have all weekend and next week to participate. (It's important to make creative stretching a priority. You can afford 20 minutes, and you, and your work, deserve it.)

We'll call this project "Visual Emotions." Here's the assignment: Every Friday, one word will be posted. You set aside 20-30 minutes to take your camera, preferably outside, and snap photos that capture that idea or emotion for you. Let yourself go; be playful; think in terms of metaphor or symbol or even a very personal meaning. Include other people in your shot if you like, or get very abstract. 

Then post one or two of your favorite images in the thread for that week, silently or with an explanation if you want to provide it. Review others' images to see what you like, what communicates to you, and what surprises you.

IMPORTANT: It doesn't matter how good or bad they are. The point is to set your creativity loose on an assignment that won't be judged and doesn't matter. In addition to helping de-stress you, this project can help increase your fluency with metaphor and symbol... and together we can see how differently others think about the same concept to cross-pollinate our creativity a bit.
This week's word is HOPE. There are a couple of images posted as samples to give you the general idea. (You may have to scroll down a bit to find the post, if many days go by before you see it, but look for the Creative Salon image.) Go take a peek, and get out your camera! 

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