Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tina's tantalizing offer

Call for Illustrators!

SCBWI WWA needs YOU to design banner and slide images for our monthly programming. We’ll need two versions: one for the website, including “click for details” and one for Chinook (no “click” needed). Finished illustrations need to be ready to go two weeks before our events, at the beginning of the month the illustration is intended for. Want to work further out? Awesome.

This opportunity will give your work exposure on the SCBWI website, to the membership attending events AND take the burden off of our hard-working RA, Dana Sullivan. The first event needed is our December meeting which will feature “Here Abide Monsters, Using the Magic of In-Between Settings” with Joni Sensel, AND our cookie contest.

Take a look at the season overview or complete meeting details. If you want to take on this challenge, please email Tina  directly for confirmation and details. 

We are looking forward to seeing your work!


Michele Lewis said...

what about several illustrators. I may want to do a few but maybe have artists pic which months they will do. Commenting to a few is doable but not the entire year

Tina Hoggatt said...

I'm looking for illustrators to volunteer for individual months. December is already spoken for. Check out the programming overview (linked in the post) and see if anything looks good for you. Then email me and I'll schedule and provide specs and deadlines. Thanks!