Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Boffo! Pow! November Meeting!

Our November Meeting last Wednesday was chock full of information and fun. 

Jeff James presented on DIY book trailers, using simple and free tools, like your cell phone and iMovie. We left with knowledge of how to plan and create a book trailer. Jeff demonstrated how to incorporate audio, transition scenes and walked us through his process. He stressed connecting the emotional impact of your short film to pacing, and reminded us to leave them wanting more. Check out one of his book trailers, and see more of his work.

Dana Sullivan and Vicki Legman showed us how to make a successful school visit. Vicki gave us tips on engaging the audience, body language, crowd control and pacing your presentation. Dana wore his official school uniform - bunny slippers - and demonstrated his presentation for his picture book Kay Kay’s Alphabet Safari. Get there early, be yourself (only BIGGER) and have a POW ending, people. And remember, school visits are the reason we write and illustrate children’s books: so we can spend time with kids. Check out Dana’s website, and learn more about Vicki’s consulting practice

See you in December!

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