Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November Meeting 101: 11/18

Guess what?

It's that time again––our monthly gathering. This month, in honor of giving thanks, we gratefully anticipate our two presentations: Book Trailers 101 and School Presentations 101. With such honored guests as Jeff "Take Two" James and the dynamic duo of Dana "Quick Draw McGraw" Sullivan and his wife Vicki "I'm Missing From the Picture, but Am Going to Blow Your Socks Off" Legman, it's going to be quite the night. (Bunny slippers optional.)

Jeff James 101: The illustrator of the Anatolia Steppe books by Melissa Mahle and Kathryn Dennis, (SpyGirls Press) knows a thing or two about a trailer or two. View his trailer for Book 1: LOST IN PETRA  HERE.  Also, check out his fantastic art HERE.

Dana Sullivan & Vicki Legman 101: Dana will show you how he keeps the kids and teachers riveted (whether or not you’re an illustrator) and some tricks on getting the gigs in the first place. In addition to 28 years of conducting communication workshops aimed at improving individual, team and organizational effectiveness, Vicki has been married to Dana for 34 years, so she knows a thing or two about (presentations and) patience. Dana is the author/illustrator of OZZIE AND THE ART CONTEST and KAY KAY'S ALPHABET SAFARI, and the illustrator of the DIGGER AND DAISY series and two sets of Bob Books. 

See y'all there––trust us, you'll thank yourself for coming!!

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