Saturday, September 5, 2015

Last chance: Weekend on the Water!

Last Day to Register for the Retreat! + A Teaser if You've Already Registered

Are you sharpening those pencils and hard drives?  Here are descriptions of two of our retreat workshops. Katherine and Noa are especially excited about the first workshop, which they will be teaching together: 

Structure, Plot, and Pacing: Revising for More Emotional Payoff
Rhythm and beats, cliff-hangers and red-herrings, climax and resolution--we'll discuss all of these plot elements and more as we look at building a story that never lags in the middle. Includes a discussion of a case study: Holes by Louis Sachar.

And here's one of Katherine's workshops:

The Body Electric: Creating Characters that Spark with Life
Learn how to create characters with rich inner lives, clear motivations, and problems that drive the plot. Look at examples and analyze why they work. Come away with concrete ways to make your characters into people that hold the reader's attention through the murky middle. 

If you haven't registered yet, click here.

See you in November!!

Lois & Allyson

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