Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Deadline for Great Critique LOOMS!

Are you hungry....for FEEDBACK?

Hurry and register for the GREAT CRITIQUE,
happening NEXT WEEKEND in Bellevue!

It's nutritious, delicious, and will whet your appetite for all the hard work ahead. But isn't it great to step back and get some suggestions? Comments? High-fives and all-around insights? That's what this is all about! So pack that brown-bag lunch, your sunscreen, and feast on some seriously appetizing verbiage. As Tony the Tiger always proclaimed, "It's going to be GRRR-EAT!"

PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible for the Great Critique, you must register for
the Passport to all of our SCBWI-WWA monthly programming for 2015-16.

Here’s how to add the Great Critique to your Passport in case you didn't the first time around: In the confirmation email you received, click on the link under “To view of modify your registration.” Use the confirmation code to access the Cvent registration page, hit Okay, then click the “Modify” button on the upper left, under “Confirmation.” Hit the “Next” button on the bottom right and the “September 2015 Great Critique” button will be the first Additional Opportunities listed.

It’s that easy! And that delicious!

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