Monday, January 5, 2015

Dana gets didactic

The Class: Introduction to Graphic Novels with Dana Sullivan. This is the class to get your big graphic novel idea out of your head and onto the page!
The Teacher: Dana "D2" Sullivan, author of Ozzie and the Art Contest, Kay Kay’s Alphabet Safari and illustrator for the 4-book "Digger and Daisy" series, AND, last but not least––one of our fearless RAs.
The Skinny: The course runs from January 26–March 23 (no class on February 16). With samples from Manga, comics and picture books, he'll take you step by step through the process of scripting, storyboarding, pacing and laying out your graphic novel. By the end of this 8-week course, you will have a cover and a page fully inked and ready to get your career as a graphic novelist going! Dana will be working right alongside you on his work-in-progress, possibly titled Sniff Her Butt: Advice From My Dead Dog. For further details and registration, click here.

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