Saturday, January 24, 2015

Conference deets are up

Hey, y'all!

Our upcoming regional conference, which will be held in Redmond from April 17–19, is almost ready for registration. 

Well, not quite yet. To tame the wild beasts of anticipation that are lurking beneath our otherwise benign expressions, we're unveiling the details on our web page. Here's what you'll see, in all of its eye-catching glory:

But that's not all, folks! If you further click on the picture, or just go to this link, you'll get a full faculty roster WITH BIOS, along with many other important facts and teasers.

Registration opens officially on Friday, February 13. Check the web page, check the Chinook Update, and set your watches. It's almost here! And we're trying––not always succeeding, mind you––to be patient. It's going to be SO. GOOD.

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