Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday meeting recap, part 1

With apologies to those who couldn't make it, last night's "meeting" was [GUSHING ADJECTIVE HERE!]. It was, if I dare put a mere word to it, MAGNIFICENT.

The annual Cookie Contest was more spectacular than ever, with bakers' dozens of offerings of all stripes (and sprinkles and frosting, if you know what I mean). Never before have the judges been so willing to throw their doctors' advice out the window and dig in.

The judges worked hard, and gave it their gustatory all. Each and every one woke up in the middle of the night after it was all over, a sheen of sweat coating their foreheads and their legs scratching against stray crumbs, panicking, with a single question: Did we do enough?

For it was close to impossible to pick a few from the glorious many entries. Congratulations to all of the incredible bakers––thanks for sharing your treats with us! How can we ever top THAT?

In the end, the winners were crowned and duly applauded, and they were:

Most Delicious Cookie: 
Dawn Simon, for her chocolate-dipped toffee confections. Simply, WOW!
(Sorry, they're the round ones at the right of the photo and are a little blurry––
they were so delicious we got misty-eyed! Also pictured with Dawn, center, are
Jennifer K. Mann on the left and Stasia Ward Kehoe on the right.)

Most Beautiful Cookie:
Rowena Russell, for her stunning gingerbread snowflakes.

And, in an unprecedented and bold move
by our judges––the Danas Arnim and Sullivan,
Tina Hoggatt, guest speaker Martha Brockenbrough, and with "palate proxy" Emily Russin
conferring for the dairy- and gluten-challenged––there was a THIRD WINNER crowned this year.

Because, well, it was the...


Most Un-"Bear"-ably Cute Cookie:
This new award went to the intrepid Hamblins, for making adorable, edible art with their
gingerbread bear "pillows" (stuffed with apple butter––whoa, now!).
Needless to say, these cuties caused a lot of commotion.

Thus ends Part One of last night's meeting recap. See you in the second post! 

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