Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tonight! 10 reasons why you should....

...get to TONIGHT'S SCBWI WWA Monthly Meeting! See you at 6:30!

1. Martha, Martha, Martha! The author of Devine Intervention and the upcoming The Game of Love and Death, Martha Brockenbrough knows a thing or two (or 10!) about a thing or two (or 10!).

2. Cookies. Enough said!

3. Bring a book, take a book. Bring seven, take seven. You know the drill....

4. Networking.

5. Did we mention already how amazing our speaker, Martha Brockenbrough, is going to be?

6. The cookies you forgot you grabbed and stashed in your SCBWI tote bag during your mad scramble to write down Martha's pearls of wisdom. (Nom, nom, nom!)

7. Good news––because really, who actually likes bad news?

8. Holiday cheer means a fun, happy, and celebratory reason for just coming together.

9. Martha Brockenbrough knows how to work a room, people. And how!

10. The sad, stray cookies people didn't have a chance to gobble up the first part of the night. You know the ones, that lone bar on an island of powdered sugar, or the flourless chocolate crinkle cookie deflated and dejected on its plate among shards of crushed candy canes? Have at 'em! We won't tell!

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