Saturday, January 4, 2014

We scribbled, we scrawled...

...we dribbled, we drawled.

Such was the scene at our most recent Kid Lit Drink Night, held December 27 at the Tippe and Drague Ale House on Beacon Hill.

It was a warren of like-minded knuffle bunnies, all cozy in the corner while legions of canine fans came for Husky Fight Hunger Bowl game, which was available on multiple TVs. Dawgs and bunnies filled the house, and draughts and pints were shared by all. It was a post-holiday treat to see Joni Sensel, our beloved former RA and current blog editrix, back in the city after an extended midwestern sojourn. Among the many who came to the warren in the corner were: Kevan Atteberry, Tina Hoggatt, Suzanne Kaufman, Elizabeth Rose Stanton, Laurie Thompson, Brenda Winter Hansen, and Dana Sullivan (who howled with the Dawg Pack at every nuanced ref's call, when he wasn't scribbling to save his life). It was, you could say, A Very Good Night.

Here's the proof:

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