Saturday, January 4, 2014

Register! Right here. Right now.

Registration is officially open for the 2014 Write Here, Write Now, a unique literary intensive.

Sponsored by the Seattle7 Writers, the day features mini-lessons and tips from Seattle7 Writers and friends; receive consultations; write for sustained blocks of time; listen to opening and closing remarks by Claire Dederer and Garth Stein; and much, much more. The event will take place at Fremont Abbey. (Think Downton, but with less waitstaff. And no fancy dress. Or high tea.)

To register, click on this link.

Imagine: a day spent cranking on, and thinking about, your writing. No plane fares, no fancy hotels, just you, a network of support in the city, and a lot of words waiting to hit the screen.

Ahhhhh. What are you waiting for?

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