Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vote for the best teen novels. Ever.

Hooray for public radio! Sometimes they actually have their finger on the pulse.

NPR has initiated a Vote for the Best Teen Novels Ever contest, and I for one just voted. Pick your top 10 favorites from what I deem a very complete list of classics, recent critical darlings, and contemporary bestsellers, and be heard!

Vote by clicking here. NPR will crunch the numbers and we'll get the grand list from everyone who participates.

No, not everyone we'd like is represented, but still. Add your knowledgeable voices to the fray! Just an observation: Does John Green really rule the universe? Thought I'd ask, though I already know that answer.

Happy clicking,


P.S. This also makes for a pretty good prerequisite summer reading list, hint hint! Though I'd give a public accolade on this blog if anyone has read more than, say, 75 of the books listed. Heck, I'd drive over and give you a high-five!

P.P.S. Personal plea here, but does anyone in Seattle own the second Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book who would like to lend it to a poor blogger, as in moi? I can't seem to locate it through the library.....sigh.

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