Friday, July 13, 2012

Novel revision class with Ann Gonzalez

Greetings from Jet Lag Land.

I appeal to your sense of compassion as I took a bit of a sanity break this week after a fun but long family vacay to the East Coast. Family's great, but sometimes you just have to clear your head and catch up on all the episodes of Bunheads and Real Housewives of New York City that you TiVoed.

I hope summer is treating each and every one of you well, now that it seems to have finally landed in our fair area (well, except for the thunder and semi-darkness of this morning, perhaps an aberration? Okay, it's pouring rain now. Scratch that.).

In member news, Ann Gonzalez, author of Running for My Life and a recent graduate of Argosy University's Master's in Counseling program with a newly opened practice in Shoreline, is offering a summer session her novel revision class. (Read: Can you imagine a better time to hunker down and do this dratted thing called Revision? Summer, people, that's what it's made for!)

WHAT: Novel Revision Workshop, which included detailed feedback on 100 pages of your manuscript. Attendees receive 8 lessons on the craft of writing.
WHEN: starts Sunday, July 22
REGISTRATION/INFORMATION: Email Ann Gonzalez for details.
COST: $125.00

CONTACT: Ann Gonzalez directly, by calling 206-817-4794. She also specializes in working with artists and writers, dealing with rejection issues and other obstacles to pursuing one's craft.

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