Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vote for your favorite Ben Clanton trailer

Ben Clanton's picture book Vote For Me! features an elephant and a donkey duking it out on the campaign trail. It's a timely, visual mudslinging match, fun for all ages and now... drum roll, please!... it has TRAILERS.

Check out the video below and enjoy this political satire as it comes to life.

Vote For Me! Extended Trailer from Kids Can Press on Vimeo.

For two more videos, as well as information on Ben's work, take a look at Ben's website. Nice job, Ben--can't wait for the impeachment sequel!

1 comment:

Flying Selki said...

I Vote for Ben!
I vote for Vote for Me!
I even vote for voting for
Vote for Me!
It would be redonkulous not to!