Monday, June 4, 2012

Interesting Items to Check Out

We have so many amazing members in SCBWI WWA and they are so good about sending interesting items to share with our members!!!

Here's a few to check out!

Holly Black's Live Journal Page 
A great post by Holly Black (one of our 2011 Annual Conference Faculty) where she discusses word count and part of her process of writing her new MG book DOLL BONES. 

Thanks to Kevin Cain for sending this in! You can find out more information on Kevin, and his work, by checking out his blog and website

NPR Article on the Artistry of Children's Picture Books.

Thanks to Mara Pina who found this through the SCBWI LinkedIn group. You can check out Mara's blog, the writing blues

A very interesting post with links to check out. Thanks to our fabulous Joni who passed this along. You can find out more about Joni, and her work, on her website

A really great blog by SCBWI New Jersey RA Kathy Temean that features an illustrator every Saturday! This post features our own SCBWI WWA member Kathleen Kemly (and some of her wonderful illustrations). 



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