Monday, June 4, 2012

Good News for Karen Robbins!

Good News and Happy Monday to fellow SCBWI WWA member Karen Robbins! Karen's first picture book, CARE FOR OUR WORLD (illustrated by Alexandra Ball from the U.K. and published by Compendium) recently released at the NY Stationary Show and this week will be at BEA at the Javits Center in NYC. Compendium also created an adorable CARE FOR OUR WORLD play kit with punch out animals, for hours of imaginative play.  Compendium's booth at BEA will have life sized cut outs of the animals from CARE FOR OUR WORLD.  Karen's book has also recently won Runner-Up at the Green Book Festival in S.F. in the children's book division.    

             Karen has been a member of the SCBWI for 26 years, and has published several books and over fifty magazine articles. 


Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Congratulations to Karen!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Alexandra amazing illustrations