Saturday, July 23, 2011

No More Writer's Block

A big huge thanks to Laurie for sending this link to a great blog post on Joanne Rocklin's "Anti-block" blog. It's titled 180 WAYS TO CONQUER WRITER'S BLOCK: for writers of all ages and genres. There are daily tips for writers and is a great resource to get those creative juices flowing!
Here's a little bit from Tip #9
Not what you think...
One of the best tips I know is his: he used to stop his writing for the day just when things were going well. The next day he'd just pick up at that point and not have to wonder what to write. After that, the writing flowed.
Check it out! There are some great ideas and we all can use great ideas!! Happy Writing!

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Joanne Rocklin said...

Hi, Rebekah, Thanks so much for the shout-out! One clarification: sadly, it's not a "daily tip", although of course writers can use them daily! I try to post bi-weekly. I am very glad you found it helpful. Also, if any of the readers of your own lovely blog have a writing tip they'd like to share, tell them to send it to me at, with a jpeg of their latest book if they like. Subject: "quote for blog". Happy writing!