Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good News for Jenn Chushcoff (and a Great Post by Jenn too!)

Good News to Jenn Preston Chushcoff. Jenn's story, THE ABCDEATH MURDER MYSTERY, won Under the Juniper Tree's Edward Gorey challenge. Jenn also sent in a wonderfully written post about writing for UTJT to share more about her experience. Here's her post-

Crow Toes Quarterly has closed shop, but the macabre side of children's literature has found a home in the online journal, Underneath the Juniper Tree. Though they're unable to pay contributor's at this time, writing for them is an opportunity for both emerging and established writers. I usually shy away from writing for free, but there are some benefits to submitting to a quality online journal.

First, it helps newbies learn the publishing process, like meeting deadlines and collaborating with an editor. It gets stories out of the desk drawer and in front of an audience. (That's the entire point of doing this, right?) Plus, if you know anything about publishing, you know it's a slower than molasses endeavor. Writing a story and having it appear in print one month later is, how can I put this?, an incredible release!
Then there's the possibility of catching the eye of an agent or editor who happen by.

For already published authors, UTJT encourages fresh work. Several of my published pieces in UTJT were inspired by their weekly contests. My story, THE ABCDEATH MURDER MYSTERY, won their Edward Gorey challenge, which was to write a story based on three Gorey illustrations. UTJT has also been an outlet for my more spookity-ookity stuff like, THE FAIRY GOTHMOTHER and THE TRUTH ABOUT NOTHING.

Authors keep their copyright, but since much of the writing is specific to the challenges, it would be a "challenge" to have it published elsewhere. Instead, it's a good opportunity to stretch yourself and indulge that dark side. So if you like to tingle scaredy bones, you should check out Underneath the Juniper Tree.

*Artists! They're also accepting artwork and feature lots of talent in their June and July issues.

Congrats to Jenn and thanks for the thoughtful post too! Here's the link for THE FAIRY GOTHMOTHER and you can read more about Jenn, and her work, on her website.

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Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Great Post...and congrats to Jenn! UNJT is darkly FUN!