Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crystal Kites -- the second draft

Okay, NOW go vote for the new SCBWI Crystal Kite award -- more books have been nominated in our division, the list is a whole lot easier to see all at once, the authors are now listed alphabetically by last name... proof that revision works, ha ha! Sign in at, go to our Western Washington page, and look for the Crystal Kites tab on the right. I count 76 titles in our division, the majority of them from creators in our region. Way to go, WWA!

First-round voting will last through the end of the month, then there'll be a run-off. All SCBWI members are eligible to vote.

You may notice that in our division, a few books have been listed twice, one immediately after the other. Technical glitch -- if that's a book you want to vote for, vote for either one and SCBWI staff will make sure the vote count is summed on the other end.

One more note: there's at least one book on the list under the author's SCBWI screen name, rather than her own name. The book title is still correct! (But this is a good reminder that published authors should generally eschew screen names and use their real names for promotional purposes.)

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