Friday, February 11, 2011

Authors Guild series on e-books (and more)

The Authors Guild is running a terrific series looking back at last year's Macmillan/Amazon battle, examining the issues in the ebook royalty struggle, and looking forward to what's on the horizon. Although membership of your own is HIGHLY recommended for published SCBWI WWA folk, the Guild feels so strongly about publicizing these issues to authors (and illustrators), they're allowing reposting, tweeting, etc. of the entire series, even to Guild non-members.

You can't afford not to be informed on these points.

Read the first episode, "How Apple Saved Barnes & Noble. Probably."

Read the second episode, "E-book Royalty Math: The Big Tilt."

Read the third episode, "The E-book Royalty Mess: An Interim Fix."

We'll post links to any future episodes as they're available.

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