Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Than Six Reasons to Attend the Meeting Next Week

You're probably already planning on attending our Professional Series meeting next week, right? Our very own PEGGY KING ANDERSON will be speaking, as well as Bruce Holland Rogers from the Whidbey Island MFA program. That there is enough to get you in your seat at SPU come the 14th.
But wait, there's more.

Let me count the reasons why this meeting is not to be missed, in no particular order.

1. BOOK SWAP! You're getting books for the holidays, right? Your loved ones are probably scouring the shelves for the perfect picks in their favorite independent bookstores right now. You need to MAKE ROOM. Clean off those shelves. Put the books in bags. Put them in your trunk today, so you don't forget them on the 14th.

We're keeping it simple. Bring books to swap and/or donate before the meeting. We'll happily donate anything directly, as well as any books left over at the end of the night. New, used, children's, craft— anything, really.
Bring books!

2. RAFFLE! This is your last chance. We'll draw three lucky names for gift certificates to Secret Garden Books, AND I'll put you in the small pool of past winners for the grand finale raffle. Then we'll have another drawing and TWO WINNERS will receive free registration for our 20th Annual Writing and Illustrating for Children Conference in April.

That's right. You don't want to miss it.


We're having our annual holiday cookie contest, which means there will be a bounty of cookies. And our hospitality guru will probably have warm beverages and other snacks.

Do you have an awesome cookie recipe? Bring a plateful to share at the meeting! You could have a chance to win...


All homemade cookies brought to the meeting will be tasted by our top secret panel of expert judges (Reason 4&1/2: You might be chosen to be a cookie judge! Is there a better role? I think not.). There will be even more Secret Garden gift certificates. And COOKIE MEDALS. And a COOKIE TROPHY. Where else can you get that? Where else would you want to get that? I'm still looking for my hot glue gun, so I can't show you what this year's prizes look like yet, but they will probably be similar to this doozy won by Jolie Stekly last year.


6. MERRIMENT AND GOOD CHEER! They speak for themselves. It will be fun and festive.

(Not mentioned: Books to purchase, good news to hear, laughter, comfortable seats, etc. etc.)

See you there!

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Cuppa Jolie said...

I can't take credit for last year's win. Although, that is a picture of MY cookie medal from my 2nd place status in the comp. 2 years ago.

Should I wear my medal to the party? :)