Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monthly Question (and November's Member Answers!!)

Thanks to everyone who answered November's Monthly Question! We asked all our SCBWI Western Washington members, and Chinook Update readers to answer this question: "I like to write at _______, because ______." Check out the answers your fellow writers posted, right after December's Monthly Question.

December's Question: Favorite Characters
If you could be any fictional character (in children's literature-PB, MG, YA, etc.); Who would you be, and why?? (And no, I don't want to be Mary Poppins-see above picture-, but it was fun for Halloween).

Let us know which character YOU'D want to be!!

We want to know more about you; your writing process, preferences, wisdom, and such! We're a community of writers, and we want to know more about who's out there!

November Monthly Question Answers:

Rebekah Jensen: I like to write at Freshy's Coffee in West Seattle, because there's great writing space, good background noise, AMAZING food, and coffee to keep me going!!

Angelina C. Hansen: I like to write at home in front of the fire, because, oddly enough, there are few distractions.
Mindy: I like to write at Undertown in Port Townsend because the atmosphere makes me think there might be a few ghosts lurking.
Linda Johns: I like to write at Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe on 50th in Seattle's University District because it has lots of light and plentiful power outlets.
Kirk K: I like to write anywhere I can find the time to write! But if you pressed me, I would probably say the Woodinville Barnes & Noble because it's close to my work and I'm surrounded by books.
Helen Landalf: I like to write in my basement office at home because I have a view of my back yard and my cat sometimes comes in to visit me.
Miz “B”: I like to write at my upstairs drawing table because my cat sits on the table and "helps" me. I had to give her own pillow so that she doesn't sit on my paper.
Brenda Winter Hansen: I love to write at home in my office because: 1) the walls are cluttered just the way I want them with all sorts of visual inspiration 2) I have a great view of my back yard 3) the music is always what I want to hear 4) the coffee, tea, and snacks are already paid for
Allyson Valentine Schrier: Issaquah Coffee Company in Gilman Village. There is no laundry for me to wash, no dishes to obsess about, no cockatiels begging to come out of the cage. The background hum and chatter help me stay focused. I drink tea, and someone else cleans up after me.
Molly Hall: I love to write at home, special magenta blanket tucked around me. Anywhere is good, but near the fireplace is best, with a hot tea and my music in my ears. Also love the proximity to the bathroom and snacks!
Laurie Thompson: I like to write at home, in my pajamas and bedhead, with a big mug of coffee in front of me and the dog snoring on the rug behind me. I'm much more productive, however, at the Issaquah Coffee Company with Allyson.
Michele Griskey: I like to write standing up in my kitchen with my laptop propped up on a game box. I can look out at the weeds growing in my garden and have easy access to coffee, tea, and snacks. I have a hard time sitting still, so the bum glue method doesn't work well for me.
Karrie Zylstra-Myton: I like to write in my office because it's the best way to get any writing done in between the times when my 5 month old needs me. He's crying now so here I go!


miz "b" said...

After careful consideration, I must admit that the character that I would most like to be (or indeed, already most resemble) is Pooh Bear, of Winnie the Pooh fame. Sigh... I think it's time for my elevenses.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Hoping someone will tell me who Mindy is. Or even better, Mindy, maybe you'll let me know. The Undertown in PT!?! Before my laptop bit the dust *big frown* that was one of my fave spot. But ghosts? Really?

First character I'd like to be that comes to mind: LILY! Because who wouldn't want to wear red boots! I'd even like a purple purse, minus the music.

Jenny said...

This is a hard one but I settled on Harold with his purple crayon. Wouldn't it be great to wander the world safely creating your world as you went along and having all sorts of adventures? If I could pick a child's character in an adult book, it would be Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird. Can't help it. Now you've got me dreaming!