Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What writing a first draft is *really* like

Heather Vogel Frederick has a swell post featuring writers talking about the first draft. Here are three entries. For the rest, visit her blog.

“Writing a first draft is like starting off on a long journey in your car, and even though you don’t know your destination, your annoying GPS says, ‘recalculating’ at every turn you make.” — Mary Jane Auch

“Julia [Durango] says ‘it usually comes with a heaping side dish of revelation and discovery’ — and a pile of steaming mussels even though you thought you were ordering the lamb. At least that’s my experience in both writing and ordering food at a restaurant in France. Bon appetit!!!!” — Andrea Beaty

“Writing the first draft is the process of discovering everything you left out or got wrong in your outline.” — Fred Bortz

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