Thursday, August 27, 2009

Terry Pratchett interview on SLJ

Terry Pratchett fans, take heart. There's a swell interview of him on SLJ, and he even talks about his early-onset Alzheimer's and how he's working through it. Here's what he has to say about the success of NATION:

Let me put it like this: I knew I had written a good book. I knew it was good, mostly because I almost appeared to be channeling it rather than writing it. Nevertheless, in reality, I am surprised at the awards the book is picking up in the U.S., especially since my career in America was more or less a flat line until 1990. Then, oh glorious day! I suddenly ended up with two fine editors, for both children's and adult books, and even a publicist who knew how to spell my name, for all of which I am really thankful. It was a huge second chance and awards like this are a tribute to their help and encouragement.

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