Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tiny Tootsie people on retreat!

Imagine biting into a Tootsie Roll… the taste, sensation, satisfaction... (or revulsion, I guess, if you don’t like Tootises). If you had to act out those sensations to someone who could see or hear you but couldn't taste or feel anything themselves, how would you do it?

Okay, now imagine shaping a little person out of clay. You are its creator. What will happen to your clay person? Do you turn it into a trophy or a playmate or a voodoo doll? Why?

What do these weird questions have to do with your writing or illustrating — or specifically with your work-in-progress — and how you can make it better?

Lots! Trust me. Though you might need a pointer or two to see just how much and how to put that insight to work. If these ideas sound both fun and challenging— and they will be! — consider registering for our ninth annual Weekend on the Water retreat, which we’ll hold Oct. 13-15. We’re doing some wild new things this year, with many sessions on creative jumpstarts and ways to dig in for more resonant work. Including, yes, the activities I’m teasing you with here. Registration is open now. Go sign up! — and get ready to mine rich veins of creativity while having a great time with friends.

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