Thursday, January 12, 2017

Think Tank: Save the Date

Save Saturday, March 4,* for a Think Tank about how to make booksellers and librarians fall in love with you (among other topics). This special, brown-bag event will start with an expert panel of local book hucksters, who will share tips and pitfalls and the secrets of their favorite bribe substances. Then we'll enjoy the typical think-tank schmoozing and idea-swapping, about bookstores and libraries or anything else on your minds.

Edited: Open to all, space permitting! Any SCBWI members (including those self-published and pre-published) will be welcome at this event on a first-come, first-served basis until we reach our room occupancy limit. (PAL members will have registration priority, however). The event will be held mid-morning to early afternoon at a Seattle Pacific University classroom, with participants bringing their own sack lunch as desired, and more details will be posted here and on our website shortly.

*Apologies to Martha B and SPOGG for swiping the National Grammar Day date. You can discuss grammar, and grammer too, if you want, at the Think Tank.

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