Saturday, July 9, 2016

PAL members: Get listed in our forthcoming Author/Illustrator Speaker Directory!

Are you an SCBWI member at the PAL level? Do you enjoy school visits and workshops? Here’s your chance to woo schools and get more speaking opportunities through your own listing in SCBWI Western Washington’s forthcoming (and whizbangy) Author/Illustrator Directory.

Another directory's full page space

The full-color, printed directory — which will include author photos, book covers, and information about why your school visit is the best one between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Crest — will be distributed to hundreds of librarians and teachers through regional events, including at this fall’s Washington Library Media Association conference and Inside Story events. We’ll also provide copies for as many interested teachers, librarians, and booksellers in the region as possible, and participants each will receive a few copies for distribution to their personal contacts, too. A minimum of 1,000 copies will be produced; if participation (and thus funding) permits, we’ll print more to distribute over time.

Similar sourcebooks have been successful for other SCBWI regions, making it easy for schools and other organizations to identify local authors whose books and presentations mesh well with curriculum and programming needs. (See a sample page above.) We expect this publication to have a shelf life of at least 18 months. It's a souped-up version of our long-ago eKite Directory!

Three space options and fees
One-third-page ads
Participating SCBWI members at the PAL level may select from three space options, with graduated fees that cover the cost of printing. (As usual, all labor for assembling the book is being donated by your hardworking Advisory Committee and other volunteers.)

Your choices:
  • One-third page ads ($35): room for one book cover, one head shot, contact info, and up to approximately 170 words of text, which may include the focus of your visits or workshops, author bio info, the availability of lesson plans, etc.  
  • One-half page ads ($55): room for an author photo and 2-3 book covers or “in action” photos, plus up to about 300 words of text.
  • Full page ads ($100): room for an author photo and at least three book covers or “in action” photos, plus up to about 475 words of text.  

All participants will need at least one fairly high-resolution (minimum 300 dpi, minimum 1” square, tiff or jpg) cover photo, an author photo to the same specs, and the ability to provide the text submission in a Word doc or rtf file. (If that’s a problem for you, contact us and we’ll see if we can work out an alternative.) Submitted text will receive minor copyediting for consistency only. Any text that exceeds space limitations will be cut based on editor’s discretion. Your text generally should focus on school presentations, curriculum tie-ins, classroom activity ideas, speaking experience, or other topics that will sell your speaking abilities (not just your books).

Payment deadline (received by SCBWI WWA): Aug. 1, 2016
Final content deadline: Aug. 5, 2016
Directories distribution will begin: Oct. 1, 2016

Minimum participation threshold
To cover printing costs, we need a minimum of 30 participants. We don't expect to have a problem, but if we don’t get that many, we’ll cancel the project and refund all fees.

How to participate:
It’s easy!
  1. Mail a check for the proper amount, made out to SCBWI WWA, to Joni Sensel, 58402 114th Street East, Enumclaw, WA 98022, with your full name and email address and the space size you want. (Hint: Doing this right away, rather than in three weeks, will help ensure that we don’t cancel the project for apparent lack of participation. The absolute payment deadline will be Aug. 1—received, not postmarked.)
  2. Joni will confirm receipt of your payment and PAL eligibility and email detailed instructions for submitting your text and photos.
  3. Follow those instructions to submit your text and photos no later than Aug. 5.

 PAL members, watch your email inbox for a reminder invitation with these details, too.

Q: What if I don’t have a new or recent title?
A: Any PAL member (including members whose PAL status is based on magazine publication) may choose to participate. All that’s required is an interest in doing school visits or similar events.

Q: Can I participate if I’m not an SCBWI member or if I’m a Full or Associate member?
A: Sorry, no. Participation is a benefit of membership and is specifically designed to support the careers of PAL members. Many other SCBWI WWA benefits are available to members at other levels.

Membership status will be confirmed for all participants; make sure your SCBWI profile is up to date before applying. See  for more information about membership levels. See for information about PAL publishers and special circumstances.

Q: Can I participate if I'm an SCBWI member in another region?
A: Because we're promoting regional authors and illustrators for regional school visits and events, we're limiting participation to Western Washington this time. But try talking to your region leaders about doing your own! We're very grateful to Mary Cronk Farrell and the Inter-Mountain Regions for sharing their experience on their successful sourcebook, and we'd be happy to pass along those tips, if you'd like.

Q: Are there any free or scholarship-supported listing options?
A: No. As a nonprofit organization, we need participants to cover the cost of printing, depending on the amount of page space requested. But consider it an investment in your career, or get creative —ask a loved one or friend to fund the space for a birthday or other special occasion, try a small Kickstarter-style campaign, or engage your critique group in a fund-raising bake sale!

Q: Can I get less than a third page, such as a quarter or an eighth page?
A: No; as volunteers, we need to strike a balance between providing options and keeping the process manageable, and that requires some limits and templates. The available options should meet most needs.

Q: Can I submit illustrations rather than photos?
A: Sure, as long as you can provide the required file types and stay within your purchased space limitation.

Q: Can I pay by credit card rather than check?
A: Sorry, no. You can send us a money order from a bank or post office if you no longer use paper checks.

Q: What if my check bounces?
A: We'll put a Mr. Yuk sticker in the catalog instead of your photo and tell people you voted for [insert objectionable presidential candidate here]. Okay, not really. If you’re that close to overdrawn, spend the money on macaroni instead, okay?

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Barbara Jean Hicks said...

Mailed my check today, Joni. Does it look like there will be enough people to be able to publish? It's an awesome idea!