Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Nina Laden's latest launch!

From the one and only Nina Laden herself:
We are almost there! Come celebrate the launch of my newest book, Are We There Yet?, at the University Book Store in Seattle's University District. There will be things to eat, drink, read, see... things to give away... and there will be fun and signed books! 

Tell your friends!
Tell their kids!

"Are We There Yet?" is almost HERE!

WHEN: Wednesday, MARCH 2 at 7pm
WHERE: University Book Store, U-District

There will be cool swag: bookmarks, stickers, and magnets! And I designed some really cool buttons and had them made.

There will be my famous gluten-free brownies and some other treats with gluten.

(I may even bring my ukulele, but don't hold me to it.)


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