Sunday, February 7, 2016

Amber J. Keyser times TWO!


Amber J. Keyser is an evolutionary biologist-turned-author who writes fiction and nonfiction for teens and tweens. Even though she lives in Oregon, she has been an SCBWI-Western Washington groupie for many years. She met the editor for her novel THE WAY BACK FROM BROKEN at one of our events and he was instrumental in placing her book SNEAKER CENTURY: A HISTORY OF ATHLETIC SHOES. She’s here to talk about her most recent title: THE V-WORD, a YA anthology of personal essays by women about first-time sexual experiences. 

Amber will be one of our featured speakers at our upcoming monthly meeting, representing LOVE in YA fiction opposite Fonda Lee (FIGHTING in YA fiction). It's going to be quite a heated event, so make your arrangements! If you can't make it Wednesday, Amber will appear at University Book Store the following night.

At SCBWI-WWA Professional Series meeting on February 17th, she will be talking about sex in young adult fiction, including WHY we should include sexy scenes, WHAT the boundaries are, and HOW to go about putting the hot stuff on the page. Expect the explicit!

On February 18th, Amber will be talking more specifically (but also explicitly) about THE V-WORD at University Bookstore. She hopes you can join her for both events. More information at

WHERE: Seattle Pacific University, Demaray Hall
WHEN: Wednesday, February 17 at 7pm

WHERE: University Book Store, U-district
WHEN: Thursday, February 18 at 7pm

NOTE: THERE WILL BE NO POST-LECTURE SMOKING! Go home and take your own cold showers!

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