Monday, January 25, 2016

Meeting recap: Dynamic duo!

Last Wednesday, our lucky meeting attendees luxuriated in the wealth of information and expertise of our presenters, G.G. Silverman and Holman Wang. It was one of those evenings where everyone walked out breathing, "Wow!"

G.G. Silverman put us through the paces of self-publishing.

G.G. Silverman condensed years of tireless research, experience, diligence, and intelligence into a riveting 25-minute whirlwind talk on Marketing Your Self-Published Work. Her self-published YA novel, VEGAN TEENAGE ZOMBIE HUNTRESS, has almost made back her initial investment. Her prescription for successful marketing is a complex and thorough process, which is too specific to restate, but G.G. has generously offered a link to her outline, which she is making available to all. Even those who didn't get the benefit of her wonderful live talk can find her knowledge really useful, for both self-publishing and traditional publishing.


Holman Wang dazzled the audience with his felted board-book characters, his journey through his craft, and the fascinating process of being part of the STAR WARS world and dealing with a large franchise and its constraints and rewards. Holman's story was both fascinating and awe-inspiring. His work takes patience, passion, and perseverance. The visual results were such a treat to see, and the examples of characters from his upcoming planned books, THE NUTCRACKER and THE WIZARD OF OZ, were a delight. The sheer amount of work that goes into every single scene of his books, on which he collaborates with his twin brother Jack, is staggering. Seeing the process from the conceptual side was revelatory and absolutely incredible.

Holman Wang took us through the Cozy Classics and into Epic Yarns.

Coming to a bookstore near you: Dorothy, Clara, and friends!

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