Wednesday, January 13, 2016

G.G. Silverman: Three truths, one lie

Don't be afraid! 
G.G. Silverman is going to take the fear
out of marketing your self-published work. 

Already an accomplished author (Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress, anthologized short stories, and many more publications), a one-woman marketing/branding/advertising specialist, and instructor at Sanford-Brown College, G.G. is going to be our first speaker at next Wednesday's monthly meeting. And she has a few things to say! Her debut has almost earned back her investment as a self-pubbed author, which is a major benchmark.

G.G. Silverman, marketing maven and self-published author.

Three Truths and One Big Fat Lie:

A Massachusetts native, G.G. wanted to share a little about herself.

• She practices archery on a compound bow, in case of the zombie apocalypse.
• She once cut herself with a butter knife.
• She can do fifty one-armed push-ups.
• She can curl her tongue into an O-shape and whistle.

In her holiday greeting to followers, friends, and fans, G.G. shared updates from her current writing projects, including:
  • Book 2 (Stoners Vs. Moaners) recently came back from my editor and I have to take one last pass at edits, but I'm thinking it'll release in late spring.
  • A possible collaboration in an anthology of post-apocalyptic zombie stories.
  • A few short stories come out in 2015 in various places. They're in different styles and genres, as I love stretching my wings and trying new stuff. Some are dark with a horror vibe, the rest vary from gothic to sci-fi to literary. My fave is an emotional futuristic robot story that was reprinted by Pop Seagull in their ROBOTICA anthology, which just came out this fall. Links to all my shorts can be found here:

G.G. will speak NEXT WEDNESDAY, January 20 at SPU's Demaray Hall at 7pm. Come learn, appreciate, and let her motivate you. (And that lie? Well, she confesses she's not so great at those push-ups. She needs both arms....)

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